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Howard Wolinsky is a co-founder of Active Surveillance Patients International. Howard has been a medical journalist for 50+ years. He writes news here and also about his views and experience as a patient on active surveillance since 2010. For more news and views, go to

Active Surveillance

Moving the Needle on AS. Michigan Shows a Path to a 90%+ AS Rate

MUSIC to my ears Howard Wolinsky Sep 4, 2022 Urologists were slapping high fives and backslaps when news was released at the American Urological Association’s annual meeting in May: For … Read More

AS’s dirty little secret: The dropout rate

AS mileage varies. Howard Wolinsky Oct 8, 2022 I want to let you in on a dirty little secret about active surveillance (AS). First, the bad news: The dropout rate … Read More

Active surveillance hits 60% in the U.S., but lags far behind Canada, Holland, and Sweden

80% is the new goal Howard Wolinsky May 16, 2022 Back when I was diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer in 2010, surgery or radiation were near inevitabilities in those dark … Read More

Must-read for potential active surveillors: New edition of ‘The Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers’

Evading the invaders Howard Wolinsky Jul 17, 2022 On Dec. 4, 2010, a urologist in Chicago diagnosed me with me a single core of low-grade Gleason 6 prostate “cancer.” He … Read More

Diet and Exercise

Dr. William Li presents to ASPI: Of lycopene, tangerine tomatoes, angiogenesis and lots more

Howard Wolinsky Aug 4, 2022 Your diet can impact your prostate cancer, William Li, MD, told an audience of almost 400 at a webinar, “Eat to Beat Prostate Disease,” presented … Read More

Emotional Health

If Gleason 6 were redefined as noncancer, only 5% of patients say they would quit surveillance; 82% would stick with program.

Patients share their views on Gleason 6 in survey Howard Wolinsky Feb 16 Over the past year, urologists and pathologists have been debating whether Gleason 6 lesions should be considered … Read More


Extra! Extra! ‘Detected early’: Why news coverage of prostate cancer and AS usually (not always) sucks

Howard Wolinsky Aug 1, 2022 It’s a tale often told in the media. A beloved figure, a basketball or baseball coach, a popular community leader, a political figure, or a … Read More

A cancer on the Senate–and the political media

Politics and prostate cancer, strange bedfellows Howard Wolinsky Feb 19 White House counsel John Dean on March 21, 1973, warned President Richard M. Nixon there was a “cancer growing on … Read More

Time to Rage Against The Prostate Cancer Machine

Howard Wolinsky Scientific fact: One member in two rock bands will be diagnosed with prostate cancer Dec 14, 2022 (Rage Against The Machine’s Tim Commerford latest rocker to be diagnosed … Read More

Patient beware: Urologists more biased than rad oncs in 2nd opinions

Howard Wolinsky Sit patientes estote cave (Let the patient beware) Feb 7 Shared decision-making is supposed to involve an honest conversation between a patient and clinicians to help the patient … Read More

The persistent mythology of urology: urinary symptoms and most prostate cancers

Howard Wolinsky Nov 24, 2022 Journalism is called history in a hurry. I have been part of this enterprise as a medical reporter for more than 50 years as well … Read More

International Prostate Cancer Care

Active surveillance for low-risk prostate cancer: Why can’t America be more like Sweden?

Howard Wolinsky Nov 17, 2022 What is Sweden best known for? Well, for starters, there are ABBA, Volvo, IKEA, köttbullar and lingonberry, director Ingmar Bergman, “I’m Curious” Yellow and Blue, and Stockholm, … Read More


IsoPSA cuts biopsy rate in half for newbies

‘Wonderful world’ ahead in AS? Better anyway. Howard Wolinsky Apr 18, 2022 (Update on on May 10, 2022: The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) has recommended the IsoPSA test as … Read More

Renaming Gleason 6

This just in: Eggener, Gupta, Catalona and TheActiveSurveillor launch the debate on renaming Gleason 6

Howard Wolinsky Dr. Scott Eggener, Alejandro Berlin, Matt Cooperberg, Andrew Vickers, Gladell Paner, and I had an article this week in Journal of Clinical Oncology on renaming Gleason 6 as a noncancer. I … Read More

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