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I found the knowledge I gained in the AS group to be incredibly valuable and changed my doctor and treatment because of what I learned.

Great service to us who find our urologists unavailable or unwilling to find time to provide this kind of support and info.

Well done, gents!

The preparation and rehearsal that went into this program made for an efficient, professional, and informative webinar.

Keep up the good work. I will be donating to help support ASPI.

This was an excellent, and I repeat EXCELLENT, online meeting.

Excellent format and presentations. I always seen to learn something. Thank you.

It was one of the best presentations I have seen recently and was very informative. I now feel more educated for an upcoming appointment with my urologist.

Appreciate the programs and quality of speakers that are offered. I sometimes attend my local US-Too chapter meetings depending upon the topics.

I’m glad that you exist for AS.

Amazing Speakers. Your speakers exceed my expectations.

I thought that this meeting rated an 11.

Excellent presentation. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

I have been on AS for 10 years and the meeting today had lots of great information – TP biopsy, Genomic testing, Genetic testing, and so on. Thank you.

I think what you are doing with these special programs/speakers is wonderful! Certainly VERY helpful to me.

All have been terrifically informative. And this one on TP Biopsy maybe the best of the best. Many thanks!

I thought that the meeting went very well. I was very impressed by the medical speakers.

Excellent meeting; good combination of presenters.

You had excellent speakers on topics of high interest; pls continue

The meeting was very well organized and run. The information shared in the meeting was extremely useful.

Excellent presentation. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

Excellent program, brilliant doctors, great slides.

You do a great service and do it well.

I really appreciate being able to join your meetings and hope you continue to supply us with needed information.

Keep up the invaluable work!

This session had a tremendous calibre of presenters. Congratulations on assembling such a knowledgeable group.

The best of 3 presentations I have heard dealing with the emotional aspect of Active Surveillance. Well done.

Thank you! Thank God you exist.

Many thanks for all y’all’s time & effort to put this & other webinars out here for us. I find these extremely valuable/helpful. Keep ’em coming.

The ASPI webinar helped me feel comfortable with my choice of Active Surveillance as a course of action with prostate cancer.