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This just in: Eggener, Gupta, Catalona and TheActiveSurveillor launch the debate on renaming Gleason 6

Dr. Scott Eggener, Alejandro Berlin, Matt Cooperberg, Andrew Vickers, Gladell Paner, and I had an article this week in Journal of Clinical Oncology on renaming Gleason 6 as a noncancer.

I have long been in favor of this change.

Gleason 6 looks like a cancer to a pathologist. But it doesn’t act like one. Many top urologists say it won’t kill you. So why call it Cancer?

Gleason 5 and below have been undefined as cancer. Why not 6?

AP, Medscape and Chicago Tribune picked up on the debate. A full media blitz ensued from coast-to-coast despite COVID-19 news.

Next thing you know I have an NBC Channel 5 satellite truck on my driveway.

Here’s the result:

This was the more calm version on the 4:30 pm news. They hyped it up at 6 pm. But Lauren Petty, the reporter, was outstanding.

(Cat Cimone pissed at Channel 5 for infringing on her property.)

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