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Predict Prostate is intended for men with non-metastatic prostate cancer who are deciding between active surveillance and treatment options.


Nothing can ever tell an individual man exactly what is going to happen to him in the future but this tool will provide a realistic estimate or ‘best guess’ about the potential survival benefits of different treatment options when diagnosed with early prostate cancer.



This video explains what Predict Prostate is about and how to use it –

The Predict Prostate tool provides individualized cancer-specific and overall long-term survival estimates in men with prostate cancer. In addition to the use of routinely available preoperative clinical-pathological variables such as PSA, biopsy Gleason score (ISUP grade group), and stage, the PREDICT Prostate tool also includes the impact of patient characteristics (age and comorbidity status) and treatment (radical prostatectomy or radiotherapy) on survival as well as the different impacts and side effects that can occur up to 12 years after a decision. It is specifically designed for newly diagnosed men with early prostate cancer (men with low and intermediate risk prostate cancer). It’s available to use in 7 different languages and has been tested and validated in over 350,000 men of diverse nationalities and ethnicities.

You can access the webtool here – or just type Predict Prostate into your web enabled device

Read more about this webtool here – Howard Wolinsky