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Submit Your Patient Story

At ASPI, we believe patients communicating with other patients is one of the best “medicines” for one’s own health. ASPI is a network of patients working together to help each other on our Prostate Cancer (PCa) journey and to find the best way to put cancer to rest where it belongs.

Share your Active Surveillance journey with others!


First: Tell us about your Prostate Cancer (PCa) and Active Surveillance (AS) journey in 300 words or less.


Second: Answer the following questions.

  • What is your greatest personal or medical accomplishment achieved during your AS journey?
  • Is there a misconception that you had originally believed about PCa or AS that you have since debunked?
  • Can you describe one lifestyle change that has helped you effectively follow AS?
  • How did your family or friends respond to your news about the PCa diagnosis and your decision to follow AS?
  • Do you have a motto or quote that gives you inspiration?


Third: Send your responses, a high-resolution photo of yourself, and your contact information to*


*Please Note: By sending your photo and article, you grant ASPI the right to publish the content (in its entirety, edited or any portion thereof) on its website, social media, newsletter, conference materials, and/or other outlets not explicitly stated. Personal contact information will not be shared or sold, and only used by ASPI to contact the sender with follow-up questions, if needed.