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Patient Story: Keith Day

My story began in mid 2023 with a 6.5 PSA. I then began to see a urologist with Northwestern Medicine. I skipped the MRI because of claustrophobia and had a 10 core biopsy. It came back with 3 cores of 3+3 and 2 cores of 3+4 (my 4 was 5%). My urologist was gung ho for either surgery (borderline because of age of 70) or radiation. No AS offered.

Early 2024 Charlie, friend with PCa, and I met Howard Wolinsky for lunch after learning about him from PCRI videos. Howard was impressed with our research that we’ve done to date but ask if we’ve had a second opinion on our biopsies.

We told him that we hadn’t had second opinions, but we’re interested. Howard then contacted Dr Ming Zhou at Tufts University in Boston (now with Mt. Sinai) while we were sitting at the lunch table. Both Charlie and I got second opinions from Dr Ming Zhou. I was downgraded to ALL 3+3 (GG1). Charle had one core that was 4+3 downgraded to 3+3! He has only one 3+4 now.

I eventually went to see Dr Brian Helfand and he was good with me being in AS. He the recommended an MRI but with anesthesia at NCH in Arlington heights. That MRI revealed one Pi-Rad 3 and two Pi-Rad 5’s. For some reason it didn’t scare me. I then contacted Dr Ming Zhou for a recommendation on a second read on my MRI. He recommended Dr. Andrew Rosencrantz at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City.

After about 2-3 weeks of grueling “ bureaucracy” to get my imaging and report to Dr Rosenkrantz. Getting a doctor to approve the re-read tested my patience. Evidently getting an MRI re-read is much more difficult than getting a biopsy re-read.

Dr Rosenkrantz is also Professor of Urology and Radiology at NYU Grossman School of Medicine. Section Chief Body Imaging Dept. Radiology and Director Health Policy.

Dr. Rosenkrantz downgraded my MRI imaging to ALL Pi-Rad 3’s with ZERO 4’s or 5’s. I double checked with him on that! He was so accommodating and I believe it was based on Dr Ming Zhou’s referral that all leads back to Howard!

I’m very comfortable where I’m at now and await my next urology appointment on 7/25 with Dr Helfand. I may even skip the anticipated recommendation for a second biopsy which would be a fusion/focused.

A couple of added notes: my DRE was smooth in late 2023, my decipher was .42, my PSA did get to 8.9 but the last on 4/3/24 was 8.1. My genetic test with Go Path was a very low .54. Also, I’m retired and am 71 years old.

Keith Day is a retired commodities trader.