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Request for partnership

As leaders in the prostate cancer community, we ask for your financial support of the Active Surveillance Patients International. 

Three of the ASPI founders funded ASPI to get started on our quest to work with AS patients and spouses/partners on their cancer journey. ASPI is asking for your donation to continue our mission. Specifically, ASPI requires funds for our support team, web operations, brochures, other informational events. ASPI will invest dollars in a manner that will get information to our network of patients/survivors around the world. This is an enormous challenge, but the time is here today. Knowledge will be a great benefit to our network. An informed patient/survivor can make informed decisions and communicate much better with their doctors. Patients won’t make decisions out of fear.

There is a Sea Change taking hold that empowers​ ​patients/survivors. Benefits of our Mission:

  • Educated PCa Patients/Survivors will save insurance companies health-care system​ ​millions of dollars potentially lowering premiums.
  • Patients​/​Survivors will benefit from reduced, out of pocket, medical expenses.
  • As patients adopt active surveillance and less intrusive care, this can relieve patient load for doctors. They can spend more time talking with patients on an individual basis and provide individualized treatment plans.

For more information, please start the conversation by filling out the form below or contact ASPI President, Mark Lichty, at (570) 604-6164 or