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Your Voice In The Future Of Active Surveillance

Nearly 400 AS patients, advocates, clinicians, and researchers registered for the ASPI-AnCan webinar, “Your Voice in the future of Active Surveillance” on April 22.

About 200 attended the session live, featuring such leading researchers as Dr. Laurence Klotz, of the University of Toronto, who named AS; Drs. Chris Banga and Ola Bratt, who pioneered AS in Europe, and Drs. Peter Albertsen, and Timothy Witt, who pioneered AS in the United States.

The session was supported and endorsed by AnCan, ASPI, EUROPA UOMO, MaleCare, Movember, PCai, PCRI, PHEN, the Prostate Forum of Orange County, Prostate Cancer Foundation BC, Prostate Cancer Support Canada,, the University of Maryland, and the Walnut Foundation.

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