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Prostate Cancer: Not just an old man’s disease


The Gabe Canales story and how it can help you and your sons and grandsons. Prostate cancer typically is diagnosed in men in their 60s. It’s considered a disease of aging, an old man’s disease. But Gabe Canales, a marketing & communications expert from Houston Texas, was diagnosed at age 35. It was a shock–with no symptoms or family history of the disease. He has been on Active Holistic Surveillance for 13 years. He told his story in the book, “Unexpected Diagnosis,” which follows his journey to uncover the unconscious lifestyle habits that plague the well-being of American men.

Through his journey to save his own life through improving his physical and mental health, he shares knowledge from top doctors, experts, and professional athletes, while providing insights on how masculinity and healthy living aren’t mutually exclusive. Canales’ story is an inspiring look at how micro changes in lifestyle and diet can lead to big changes in health, cancer outcomes, and lives saved. Canales’s message should inspire older men to make lifestyle changes and to address issues of prostate and overall health screening for our sons and grandsons.

5:15 Gabe Canales
37:23 Q & A

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