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Moving Towards Safer Prostate Biopsies

Moving Towards Safer Prostate Biopsies
ASPI focuses again on transperineal vs. transrectal biopsies. The video features:
Agnes Gulbrandsen, a Norwegian hairdresser, who wanted to know why her father died from a brain clot days after undergoing a transrectal prostate biopsy. STARTS @ 10:50

Her father’s urologist, Dr. Truls Bjerklund Johansen, who proved the link and did a study showing that patients could avoid sepsis and infections by undergoing transperineal procedures. STARTS @ 23:00

Dr. Rick Popert, one of the leaders of the TRexit movement to abandon transrectal exams, speaks about how he helped discontinue transrectal procedures in much of the UK. STARTS @58:08

Dr.Jeremy Grummet, an Australian urologist, talks about how his country’s health plan is encouraging transperineal biopsies. STARTS @ 1:21:40

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