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Moving AS to the next level: Can we help more patients?

The Active Surveillance Coalition, a collaboration of leading Active Surveillance  support groups for prostate cancer is sponsoring a webinar that could provide emotional support for you to  adopt or remain on AS.  We have a panel of leading international experts on AS who will share how they achieved 90% AS adoption rates.

The United States has lagged behind other wealthy countries in AS acceptance though the approach started here and in Canada in the late 1990s. AS uptake with AS  finally reached a majority of 60% in 2021. The American Urological Association in  2022 set a new goal of 80% In 2010, only 6% of patients qualified for AS opted for this approach.

AS leaders from Holland, the United Kingdom, and the state of Michigan share their “secret sauce” for reaching AS rates of near 90% and above.

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