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Applied Research and Lifestyles and Low-Risk Prostate Cancer

During September’s Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, Active Surveillance Patients International (ASPI) sponsored a webinar, “Applied Research and Lifestyles and Low-Risk Prostate Cancer”.

Topics covered include; Role of Exercise for Deterring Prostate Cancer Progression/Death, Role of Diet for Men Living with Prostate Cancer/AS, Lifestyle Scores & Prostate Cancer Progression, Practical Advice on Diet for Men living with Prostate Cancer and cancer causes such as carcinogens, diet and mental health mindfulness for cancer.

The program features Dr. June Chan and her research team at the University of California, San Francisco, who demonstrates which research findings and pending research ties into exercise.

Dr. Stacey Kenfield, Urology Professor at UCSF, and Greta Macaire RD MA, a dietitian at UCSF, discusses diet – recommendations, what is in food, published studies including Prostate 8 study, diet patterns, carcinogens in food preparation, supplements guidance.

6:38 Dr. June Chan
36:02 Dr. Stacey Kenfield
58:13 Greta Macaire
1:12:24 Q & A

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