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How Can Exercise Help Prostate Cancer Patients Like Me?

Active Surveillance Patients International held a webinar on exercise and how it helps patients with prostate cancer.

The program includes the premiere of the latest in the Active Surveillance (AS) 101 video series, featuring a real couple, Nancy and Larry White, interviewing an exercise expert, Kerry Courneya, PhD, whose research has proven the benefit of exercise in slowing low-grade prostate cancer. Dr. Courneya answers questions following the video.

Dr. Courneya said his research has shown “exercise is the single most important thing” a cancer patient can do—even more important than diet”. His research has shown patients with prostate cancer (low-risk to high-risk), lymphatic cancer, and other cancers benefit from exercise. His study in JAMA Oncology, showed for the first time that High Impact Intensity Training–bursts of exercise rather than a continuous approach—can help suppress the growth of prostate cancer cells in men on active surveillance(

5:48 AS101 video
39:48 Dr. Courneya Q & A

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