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How and When Should I Do A Genetics Test?

How and When Should I Do A Genetics Test?” Men, loved ones, and families can gain valuable facts from a cancer genetic test. While the use of genetics testing for cancers is still growing, the existing state of the art for prostate and related cancers is a powerful tool for identifying men and persons at risk. This 60 minute expert presentation will feature expert Geneticist Robert Finch, MS, a Certified Genetic Counselor, and Medical Oncologist Michael Glode’, MD. You will be reacquainted with prostate cancer screening biomarkers such as the PSA test and a variety of genomic tests, receive a thorough explanation of how and when to get a cancer genetics test along with genomics tests, and finally a moment for you the patient or family to ask questions.

As ASPI does not provide medical advice, this program will educate you and your family about medical details of a family history from a genetics test, which genetics tests are not useful for medical care, the pertinent genetic relationships between breast, ovarian, pancreatic and prostate cancers and how any of these genes may affect your health. and Getting more educated not only better serves the prostate cancer patient, but also the family.

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