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Compassionate Care: Reducing Anxiety

Were you anxious after you received your diagnosis of Prostate cancer? Could more compassionate support have reduced your anxiety? Are you now receiving that compassionate support? Our March 26 webinar will address these issues, and we want to learn from you as well. ASPI has a voice and together once we know what we seek, we can make that voice heard.

Panelists with video timeline listing:
Andy Steinfeld – empowered patient from Maryland – 6:19
Bill Manning – empowered HMO patient 12 yrs on AS – 15:16
Dr Madhavi Moharir – Canadian Pediatrician breast cancer survivor who received compassionate care – 27:13
Robin Forbes – Dr Moharir’s social worker who offered psycho/social support for the patient and the family 31:40
Fotini Wolin – Swedish nurse oncologist who is a nurse navigator offering compassionate care from the start of diagnosis-38:20

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