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Active Surveillance: A Peaceful, Easy, Feeling

This webinar was very special as it involved our friends and board members. The presenters shared their varied journeys including a Gleason 6 all the way up to a Gleason 9. Two have progressed from AS to treatment.

ASPI is supportive of AS, yet is also pro treatment when necessary. We have added the time codes in the video so if you choose you can better locate the presenters that might best relate to you. You can locate the speakers by dragging your mouse sideways across the timeline at the bottom of the video to locate the time.

Here are the presenters:

Thrainn Thorvaldsen                  Gleason 8                 starts at 08:58
Joe Gallo                            Gleason 8/9             starts at 35:35
David Keller                         Gleason 7                 starts at 58:01
Phil Segal                           Gleason 6                 starts at 1:17:53

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