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International Webinar

March 27, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm CDT

Learning from Active Surveillance Patients’ Experience

Active Surveillance Patients International is pleased to announce the next international webinar March 27 at 12 PM EDT – 1:30 PM EDT.

Your feedback on our townhalls too is heartwarming. I just received a call yesterday from a fellow with a Gleason 7 who due to listening to Thraiin’s story,, was prompted to do more research and made an appropriate decision to have intervention.

We received such positive feedback from our first town hall that we have decided to hold another on March 27. David will share his challenges with a biopsy. His story reinforces why ASPI continue its quest for safer biopsies. Joe will share his story of various genomic tests. Dale will discuss being on A.S. then opting for treatment. Please register below for our town hall on March 27 at 12pm EDT.

Together we patients can have a profound effect.
Mark Lichty,
ASPI President


Joe Gallo

Joe Gallo a retired IT director and a USMC veteran, is on Active Surveillance. How did he make that decision? First, having a supportive urologist. In 2017, at the outset, he indicated he would work with Joe to do whatever was best for him. With a PSA of 4.5, he was diagnosed four years ago at the age of 72. He went the route of random biopsy, Three cores were positive with small volume disease. Gleason 6. And an mpMRI, showed he had a PIRADS 2 (of 5). Next a genomic test OncotypeDx, which includes a look at my slides and RNA to get a better assessment. It generated a GPS scoreof 20(out of 100) categorized as NCCN Low, with about a 21% chance of having aggressive pathology with all factors being considered.

David Keller

David Keller MBA, Phd is a best-selling legal author of 8 books, inventor, and business creator. In 2016 David chose Active Surveillance (AS), when his previous urologist wanted to take 19 transrectal biopsies because of “an elevated PSA” of 5.76 even though David’s PSA Density was only 0.09. An October 2020 mpMRI PIRADS 4 was used to convince David to get saturation TP biopsies. TP side effects put David in ER twice. Two conflicting path reports followed. The first with 3+4’s had doctors recommending radical prostatectomy (RP). The second had only 3+3’s with urologists saying, “OK to AS.” Then, a Decipher genomic marker put David at “high risk,” and the urologists now say, “radical prostatectomy.” So, David is now getting two separate second opinion genomic tests from Oncotype and Prolaris. “It’s been an emotional and informational roller coaster ride, but I am very predisposed to AS,” says Dr. Keller.

Dale Bryant

Dale Bryant lives near Vancouver, Canada, where is on the Steering Committee for the Tri-Cities Prostate Cancer Support Group. In 2013, Dale was referred to a urologist to monitor his PSA. This led to a 2016 biopsy which revealed a Gleason score of 3+3 = 6 with 2 of 10 core samples showing the presence of prostate cancer. He made good use of his time on AS to explore his options through the Vancouver Prostate Cancer Supportive Care Program. After obtaining six additional opinions from urologists and oncologists, and after an MRI guided targeted biopsy in the spring of 2018, Dale decided to have a robotic prostatectomy in May 2018.


Did you know that 10 years ago about 6-10% of men in the US who were diagnosed with Prostate cancer chose Active Surveillance meaning not having a treatment but being monitored.
Over the past five years, there has been a surge in A.S. as men with low and very low-risk prostate cancer choose A.S. over radical prostatectomy or radiation.

Each speaker will address the audience about his experience with A.S. and then attendees may share their experiences and may ask questions. Towards that end there will be a panel discussion.

This Webinar will be a unique opportunity to learn from personal experience of men who have been on AS for up to 15 years. There has been helpful information from webinars featuring doctors, but this webinar will allow you to learn from patients who have learned to live with their prostate cancer.

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March 27, 2021
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm CDT