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ASPI is a Place for Information and Answers for men with prostate cancer. Your gift will be used to build our vast resource Base of Information and expand our Base of Answers providing the knowledge you need when you need it the most.

ASPI uses the funding you provide to continuously explore the rapidly changing world of Prostate Cancer, seeking out the latest developments in diagnosis, technology, nutrition, exercise and treatments.  All of which requires an investment in staff time and resources.

We provide you with information and answers on the latest developments in the form of our newsletter, blog posts, and webinars presented by experts in the field of prostate cancer. Knowledge equips you with information and answers that prepare you to intelligently discuss your diagnosis with medical professionals and your family. Knowledge is the Critical tool you need to make informed decisions as to how you will move forward and live your life.



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“Before we started Active Surveillance Patients International (ASPI), there was no support or educational programs for men on active surveillance by men on active surveillance. ASPI helps men with low- to low-intermediate-risk prostate cancer avoid or defer unnecessary radical treatments that can destroy men’s quality of life as well as avoid transrectal biopsies that can cause potentially disabling and deadly septic shock.”

Howard Wolinsky, low-risk prostate cancer patient and co-founder of ASPI.


“The best of three presentations I have heard dealing with the emotional aspect of Active Surveillance. Well done.”

Tony Henry, ASPI supporter, referring to our June 2021 webinar


“In spite of a rising PSA that peaked at 9.8, and results from a recent biopsy (my third in over 2.5 years) that indicated no cancer detected based on 12 samples, I am on Active Surveillance. To date, I have been following the AS protocol for nearly three years. I had read an article in the periodical MedPage by Howard Wolinsky which clicked with me. Couple this with credible sources being cited in the context of his research, one would be hard-pressed to effectively challenge the information and perspectives presented in this article. This is significant given my urologist’s repeated attempts to get me to trust him and AS protocols. In summary: Thank you, Mr. Wolinsky and ASPI!  The members of ASPI are making a positive difference by publishing well-researched articles, organizing virtual seminars with credible, credentialed speakers on relevant topics, and by sharing their experience with others who unexpectedly find themselves as a member in the “reluctant brotherhood.”


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Informed Prostate Cancer Support Group

Because we offer the complete spectrum of information on prevention and treatment, we provide a forum where you can get all your questions answered in one place by men that have lived through the experience.

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ASPI is a 501(c)(3) E.I.N 82-5386351, approved not-for-profit education and research organization that advances improved outcomes for prostate cancer patients.