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ASPI will use funds to interpret data and pass it along to our prostate cancer (PCa) newly diagnosed and men on Active Surveillance (AS) and to form a network of survivors/Patients/Spouses/Partners/Sons, communicating with each other for the good of their health and to improve their quality of life without fear or stress. We firmly believe that we can improve PCa patients or survivors cancer journey and extend their life in a very positive way. This is a huge responsibility and workload but empowering patients and survivors to network together is very expensive to accomplish and therefore that is why we need funding.  ASPI needs funds for normal operations, brochures, printing, office supplies and for contract labor when needed. We have a vision in the near future to have a patient/survivor conference designed by survivors in cooperation with medical physicians and some of our funds will be banked for the conference.

Your Support Matters

ASPI is organized by 4 survivors of PCa from 9 to 15 years and we are all donating our time and money to accomplish our goals. Your donations will be spent wisely and on Patients and Survivors around the world.

There is a sea change paradigm shift happening for empowering patients. This will lead to more patient involvement in their health care management. ASPI will invest money in interpreting the latest information available and educating our network on Nutrition and food that fights PCa, Supplements, Meditation, Faith and the effect of Positive Attitudes to fight PCa. This is an enormous challenge, but its time is here today. We have lived by food as they medicine, and medicine is thy food.

Many benefits will come from the information that ASPI shares and the community that we have created. Survivors will have better communication with health care providers and their family relationships will improve once they know all their options. Patients will not be making decisions out of fear but will be more proactive and understand they can have a great quality of life once they take charge of their health care.

Billions of dollars will be saved for Insurance Companies and the patient will benefit from reduced, out of pocket, medical expenses. Our vision is that insurance companies will pass some of those savings back to patients in terms of lower medical coverage costs. We would also encourage insurance companies to invest in research to look for better options for each patient.

For the Medical Industry, as patients adopt active surveillance, this can relieve patient overload so that doctors can spend more time to talk with patients on an individual basis and provide individualized treatment plans for all. We know each patient is unique and must be treated that way. Today there may be over 100 types of prostate cancer cells and one treatment for all must find a fast death.

Imagine all of us working together on the new sea change that is here today for AS survivors and patients. Please consider donating to ASPI so that we can continue interpreting the data and bringing you resources. We care about our Patient/Survivor network and the money will not be wasted, we will invest it like it’s our own. An investment is ASPI is an investment in a quality of life and living with PCa.

Our Sponsors

Informed Prostate Cancer Support Group

Because we offer the complete spectrum of information on prevention and treatment, we provide a forum where you can get all your questions answered in one place by men that have lived through the experience.

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ASPI is a 501(c)(3) Approved not-for-profit education and research organization that advances improved outcomes for prostate cancer patients.