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Thrainn Thorvaldsson

VP of International Operations

Thrainn was diagnosed with prostate cancer in February 2005 with PSA 10 and Gleason 6(3+3) with second opinion 7(3+4). His markers allowed him to choose Active Surveillance instead of a treatment against doctor advice as Active Surveillance was not so widely acknowledged at that time. Now 13 years later he is still doing fine. His PSA has been fluctuating most likely from other causes than PC and is today 7.4. Thrainn has had two biopsies in early part of his diagnosing time but later been under surveillance by MRI both in Holland and Iceland. He has not been cured of PC but has been able to keep the cancer under control and maintained his quality of life.

Thrainn has been making presentations in Iceland about PC and appeared in media. Currently he is making presentations about how to be diagnosed and live with prostate Cancer. His presentations include 10 questions which he believes men who are diagnosed with PC need to have answered. In 2014 Thrainn had the initiative together with Sigurdur Skulasaon to establish what is to believed to be the first internationally independent Active surveillance support group.

Thrainn was born in1944 in Iceland. He has a business degree from the University of Iceland and a Masters degree in marketing and sales from the University of Lancaster in the UK. Thrainn is retired and his business carrier has been in the export industry. The last company he directed and was one of the founders of is SagaMedica ehf. His wife is Elin and they worked together building up SagaMedica. They have been married for 50 years and have had 4 children, 3 are alive and the grandchildren are 8. Thrainn claims that in his retirement he and his wife are enjoying the best time of their lives.

Mark Lichty Headshot.

Mark Lichty

Chairman of the Board

Mark Lichty was diagnosed with prostate cancer twelve years ago,  Due to the overtreatment of his father’s prostate cancer, he was inspired to explore the uncertain terrain of what was then called watchful waiting. His journey involved major lifestyle changes including adopting a plant-based diet. Mark has written of his journey with the last article appearing in PCRI Insight magazine Fall 2017. He is grateful for the support and leadership that PCRI has provided which has given him the strength of spirit to continue on his journey. He is honored to be the chair a group of men on active surveillance(AS). In his career, Mark has been an attorney, owned a metal fabricating firm, and most recently produced Groundswell Rising, a film on the fracking movement. He is married to Wendy Lichty, resides in Northeastern Pennsylvania and has three sons.

George Gillespie Headshot.

George Gillespie

Board Member

George received his first PSA test in 1992 with a reading of 2.6.  By early 2000 his PSA had risen to 5.2.  This led to a biopsy in April 2000 with a Gleason 5(3+2) PC diagnosis.  He was 54 years old at the time.  A second opinion (Jonathan Epstein) revised the Gleason to 6(3+3) with 2 of 6 cores positive.  George explored many treatment options, including surgery and several radiation protocols, and researched the medical literature to better understand his case.  He adopted an active form of watchful waiting that involved various blood tests, DRE exams, and annual MRI and Doppler ultrasound scans.  George’s prostate volume and PSA increased slowly, more or less in step, for several years with his PSA reaching a value of 8.9 in November 2008. 

In December 2008 he opted for a second biopsy which was initially reported as a Gleason 7(4+3) in 4 of 7 cores.  A second opinion (again Jonathan Epstein) revised the Gleason to 6(3+3) in all the 4 positive cores.  George has continued on an active surveillance regimen with semi-annual PSA tests, DREs, and annual MRI and Doppler ultrasound scans.  His PSA in December 2017 was 18.9 which can largely be accounted for by his prostate size of 140 cc. 

George has a BS degree in electrical engineering and physics from Rice University and a PhD in physics from the University of California at San Diego.  He worked in the private sector for 13 years prior to forming his own research firm in 1988.  Though mostly retired from active scientific research since 2011, he continues to consult in selected areas.  George has three sons, his long-time partner Joan has three daughters, and together they enjoy eight grandchildren.  George and Joan live in Southern California. 

Gene Slattery headshot.

Gene Slattery


Gene was diagnosed with prostate cancer in June of 2009 with a Gleason score of 6 and a second opinion of Gleason 7.  Gene was asked to do a Biopsy and had that done with one core at 80%. Next step was chemo or radiation and he declined and told the Urologist that he needed to find out where his prostate was 1st.  Gene researched and never looked back and have spent the last 8 years in the best shape of his life. Gene accomplished this with, lots of faith, having a positive attitude, training his brain to help him instead of being extremely negative, he eats only cancer-fighting food, uses supplements to keep healthy, drinks the healthiest water available, exercises at least 5 days a week, designed a protocol for himself and has professional assistance with Dr.’s who agree with what he is doing.  Eight years later Gene is very healthy with a high PSA but now coming down. His PSA over 12 years started at 2.9 and rose to 29.4 two years ago. His PSA has been stable for two years and is now 27. No treatments but lots of experimenting with protocols.

Gene started his family business in Automotive and Collision Repair Warehouse Equipment 35 years ago. His wife Barb has been at his side from the start and his son Doug has been with ATI for 27 years and is now the President. Gene’s daughter Kris is in KC and they have 2 grandchildren each.  Gene and Barb have been married for 55 years and still enjoy working together. Gene’s e-mail is He is playing the best golf of his life and still learning!! Gene works 10 to 12-hour days and is involved in I-CAR job fairs. Gene organizes the St. Louis I-CAR job fairs at Gateway Motorsports Park and partners up with NHRA/ARMY for a day of drag racing and Interviews for 1,300 students. Gene is totally involved with AASP, an Automotive Industry Association, and with MV-TAP where they raise money for local High Schools Collision programs.  Gene enjoys being busy helping customers and giving back to our School systems.

Gene and other industry advocates just started Women in the Auto and Collision Industry (WAC) Association a non-profit, and that has really taken off. St. Louis has a lot of great women in our Automotive and Collision Industry. Last September 2017 four Prostate cancer patients got together and formed Active Surveillance Patients International (ASPI) a St Louis MO, non-profit corporation in April of 2018. They have filed for our 501c non-profit also. The ASPI vision is to develop proactive patients by providing the latest data and fostering the understanding necessary to pursue the best outcomes with the least intervention.  ASPI’s mission is to help newly diagnosed and Active Surveillance patients and their spouses/partners with their journey living with cancer. Gene hopes to provide their sons with information to prevent them from going through what he and others have.