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Large plate of mediterranean salad including tomatoes, peppers, chickpeas and greek yogurt.

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Total Quality of Health with a Food For Life Plan and physical activity will help patients/survivors live with prostate cancer (PCa)

by Gene Slattery

Gene ‘s opinion has been developed over 10years with a great quality of life and excellent physical health, living with prostate cancer (PCa). I am alive because I put together a plant-based food plan for life with an exercise regimen.  I do not believe in diets because most people don‘t stay with it. However, with a food plan for life, you will feel great and know you are eating the right foods to fight your PCa and you will know you can live with a great quality of life while on your Pca journey. Most of us will not die of PCa. I plan to live to over 100.


  • The food plan for life will help you heal your entire body and organs damaged by PCa and or treatments
  • Helps build strength and endurance
  • Can reduce certain PCa and many other diseases
  • Reduces anxiety,  stress, depression and will give you a feeling of being healthy and well.
  • By eating the right foods and drinking the best water you will change your Ph from an acid to an alkaline state and improve your disease fighting capability to its max.


By transforming your body into a healthy state you will feel great satisfaction with yourself. This positive attitude will drive you to do more for self-improvement of your health.


The effects of PCa on nutrition and physical activity will be different for each individual PCa patient/survivor.  Nutrition can be affected in a number of ways. Some people may have issues with certain foods due to taste, smell, or sight associated with their prior therapy.  Radiation can affect saliva which can cause foods to taste pasty and dry. Some PCa treatments can give you a very good reason not to eat and exercise properly for your own health.  


If you eat the right fruits and vegetables and exercise you will feel better than you ever did before and that is worth all the issues in your fight against diseases and  PCa.

PCa and its treatment should not be used as an excuse for not eating a healthy food plan for life or staying physically active.  Many patients/survivors take their health and physical activities into their own hands and end up feeling like a new person ready to take on the world.  We are all individuals and our cancer is unique to us and so should our food plan for life be unique to us. The food plan for life can be adjusted over time with research and knowledge.  Think about all the diets, Vegan, Macrobiotic, Mediterranean, Keto, and Paleo just to name a few. Diets are very difficult for us because one diet does work for all of us.


It won‘t be easy but if you just start to build up your enthusiasm for getting better, then you won‘t stop until you have achieved your personal best.